Dana Edell

Assistant Professor, Emerson College

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What brings you here?
I am involved in TNGV because I am passionate about dismantling racism and inspiring theatre students to learn about and create social justice-based performances that directly impact our communities in meaningful ways. I have seen how guns have torn apart the families of people I love along with dozens and dozens of the teenagers I have collaborated with through my theater work. I recognize the ways that people acquire and use guns in the US as a vicious epidemic that causes such harm and rupture across every community. The dysfunctions in our racist legal, education, criminal justice, health and social services systems in the US have all contributed to the violence in our communities. I am involved in TNGV because I want to be part of a coalition to work to reframe the narratives, stereotypes and misunderstandings that have paved the way for gun violence to get out of control. I want my creative, academic, and activist work to all be about collaborating with those most impacted in order to find and implement solutions.

If you or someone you know has been impacted by gun violence and are in need of support or services, please click here for resources.